President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress established the Civilian Conservation Corps for boys ages 17-25. In the spring of that year, about 400 boys arrived at Belknap Camp and, with the help of Forest Service personnel, erected White Branch Lodge, built a water system and cleared a ski run.


White Branch Lodge

The Lodge opened January 1st with 1,200 people to celebrate the occasion. The Obsidian Club held the first lease and used the facility as a winter destination for skiing and toboganning.


Obsidians handed the Lodge over to the Church of the Nazarene

The Church of the Nazarene surveyed the area to determine if it was suitable for Youth Camps and the lease of 10 acres of land was soon handed over to them.


The first summer camps were held at Camp White Branch after many renovations

Dining hall and kitchen with a dormitory above for 40 people was added in preparation for summer youth camps. 147 boys and 137 girls attended the first of many camps.


The Association of the Churches of God purchases Camp White Branch

The Association of the Churches of God purchased the camp from the Nazarene Church. Post work weekends to clean up the camp, the first Sr and Junior high camps were held that summer. Money was also raised to start the construction of a swimming pool.

White Branch Sign
White Branch Line Up
Frozen Swimming Pool
White Branch Playground

Since the purchase of the camp, the Association of the Churches of God has been expanding and updating the facility to meet the needs of our customers.

We look forward to serving you.

The Association of the Churches of God in Oregon and Southwest Washington recognizes with appreciation and gratitude the following Camp Managers who have helped to make Camp White Branch a place of spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal.

Garlin & Juanita Hall
Wade & Mabel Donovan
Albert & Margaret Hood
George & Nola Dieterich
Del & Rachel Spencer
Bill & Dorothy Thomas
Alva & Fern Hudson

Bob & Marci Salisbury
Glenn & Karen Eddings
Cliff Foster
Jim Martin
Mike & Rhonda Watson
Wayne & Sharon Clark
Earl & Ruth Bissett

Tim & Deb Burroughs
Stanley & Tina Marble
Gordon & Colleen Hudson
Doug & Jami Hosford
Wayne & Tanna Miller
Leonard & Stacey Meyer
Rob Wright ( interim)

Clayton & Naudia Willbroad
Faye Strudler 
Chris & Tiffany Kingsley