Volunteer at Church of God Summer Camps

Each year we are in need of individuals to help support our summer camp ministries. The volunteer roles needed are camp director, counselors, camp nurse, activity director, craft leader, worship leader and cook/cleaning staff. The camps range in length from 3 days for intro camp to 5 days for the other camps. All volunteers will to pass a background check. If you are interested in helping in this ministry contact the cwboperationsmanager@gmail.com to get connected with our Camp Coordinator.

Work Weekends

During the year we have various work weekends for individuals or groups to attend. The works varies from chopping firewood, painting, cleaning, repairing walkways/paths, clearing hiking trails, and many other activities. Some are focused on a specific project requiring specific skills. This is a great opportunity for groups looking for service projects. Some groups also raise the funds for their project. Please look at the event tab and sign up for upcoming work weekends or projects.

Volunteer your Time and Skills

Volunteers help keep the costs of maintenance, special projects/needs, and repairs low at the camp. Our desire is to have a list of individuals blessed with specific skills and willing to donate time and services at the camp if contacted. Some projects require licensed and/or professionally trained individuals due to regulations or specific needs. The skills needed on a regular basis are plumbers, electricians, drywall/sheetrock, finish carpentry, general construction, grant/fundraising, seamstress, laborers, painters, computer/AV technicians, and business/marketing. Contact us at cwbcaretaker@gmail.com to get your name on our list of resources and review our employment/volunteer opportunities and current needs list.

Pray for our Camp Ministry

Pray for camp and facility staff as they plan, prepare, and coordinate summer camps and retreats. Also pray that God will work in the lives of those attending the camps and utilizing the facility.

Adopt a Cabin or Specific Building

Is your group or family looking for a specific project or way to give back? Why not adopt a cabin or building at the camp. This would require providing your skills for a specific cabin(s) or building project. We have many opportunities for different skill levels. Due to building regulations some tasks need to be performed by licensed professionals. The needs are many at the camp and the existing buildings are always in need of updating and repairs to ensure the enjoyment and safety of our campers. Contact cwboperationsmanager@gmail.com today.

Camp White Branch Board

Camp White Branch is managed by a volunteer board elected by the Association of the Churches of God of Oregon and SW Washington. Duties include camp governance, budget creation, financial oversight, special projects, decision making, creation of master plan, and managing camp staff. If you feel led to join our board please contact districtoffice@orwacog.org.

Indoor Volunteer