Needs List

Current Needs at the Camp

We always have a need for items to improve or update the camp. If you would like to donate funds to purchase any of these items, please send your donation via mail to Camp White Branch, donate with a credit/debit/paypal below, or email to coordinate a donation. We ask that you not purchase items since we need specific sizes or specs.

Tangible Items

Water Fill Station

$1,400 each, 1 Needed

Door Kickplates

$45 each, 20 needed

Crock Pots with removable insert

 $4o- 2 needed

Replacement Water Heaters for Cabins/Dorm and Bathhouse

$475 each, 8 needed

Other Items:

2 loads

$450 +

Dump Trailer


9 Square Game

Can be used indoor or outdoor. Easily portable. Great for all ages! 


Cedar deck boards for dining hall deck


Water Slide Discs

$40 for 3-Pack, 4 needed


For Waterslide Fun! 

$35, 5 needed

Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator


Riding Lawn Mower

Price: $2,500

Projects/Skilled Labor


Not all projects at camp are the same size. Some projects can be done at your church or home and brought to camp, others require the work to be completed at camp, and yet others are quite large and require capital investment donations to complete. Please contact us at to sign up for any of these projects and to get more information before you start your project. Please donate now to give to any of these projects.

On/Off Site Projects

  • Clean tables and chairs post summer
  • Clean windows throughout facility
  • Clean pool house exterior and patch mortar plus paint
  • Clean and organize some areas on site
  • Set up disc golf course, rules, and map

Capital Investment Projects

  • Remodel/Build Bathhouse
  • Garage/Carport for Vehicles
  • Office Roof and other Repairs
  • Pool House Repipe/Pool Restructure
  • Dormitory Remodel

Skilled Labor

Some work on site requires specialized skill sets to complete. If you or a group of individuals are able to help in this capacity please contact us

  • Plumber- Install water heaters
  • HVAC- Install convection oven( propane), assess dormitory air flow
  • Painter- Trim, doors, ceilings, bunks, and other projects
  • General Construction- Trim work in cabins, door repairs, entry way repairs, general cabin repairs, repair leak in kitchen, assist with roof repairs, caretaker house back staircase repair
  • Handyman- Weld disc golf and soccer goal stand, repair/replace solar lights, dining hall deck repairs, repair woodpecker holes, install VLP flooring in new office area and staff housing post repairs
  • Cabinetry/Wood work- Build cabinets for different projects at camp when funding available
  • Electrician- Breaker box assessment and update, assess generator load, convert lighting to LED